NASA said, there is no way to save the Earth from astroids

NASA and its partners around the world conducted a “table-top” exercise last month to determine how scientists could understand and discover how to prevent the massive collision of an asteroid coming into the Earth. How long will it take This simulation was completely hypothetical and was intended to give scientists time to prepare for such situations. It created a scene that imagined a mysterious astroid coming from about 35 million miles (56.3 million kilometers) away towards Earth and expected to hit the planet in six months. The scientists sat for a week from 26 April to plan ways to stop or change the direction of this imaginary astroid named 2021 PDC.

All scientists participating in this simulation were given information about astroids every day, which was one month according to the time of this practice timeline. The size of the astroid was reported to be between 35 m and 700 m. With each passing hour, scientists began to develop information.

On the second day of this practice, the team of scientists said that in six months the effect of astroids would be on a vast area, which includes Europe and North Africa. By the end of the week, he stated with some degree of certainty that this Asteroid would collide between Germany and the Czech Republic.

Scientists later concluded that there is currently no technology available to prevent a giant astroid from wiping out the world. He said that it may take more than six months for the astroid to be deflected (changes in the way).

The scientists said in a statement that if faced with exactly the same situation (translated) “we would not be able to launch any spacecraft with such current capabilities in such a short period of time.”

He also said that using a nuclear explosive device to disrupt the astroids could also reduce damage. However, the ability of a nuclear explosive device to strongly damage objects close to Earth may not be sufficient for such a large astroid.


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