New features are being added in WhatsApp, there will be many changes in the wallpaper

WhatsApp has received a new update, which will bring some improvements to the wallpaper, including the facility to set custom wallpapers for various chats and an updated stock wallpaper gallery. The instant messaging app is also bringing new colors to existing doodle wallpapers. Apart from the changes made to the wallpaper, an option is also being brought to search the stickers using WhatsApp text and emoji. WhatsApp is also bringing an animated World Health Organization (WHO) “Together at Home” sticker pack to upgrade the existing WHO sticker pack, encouraging users to stay indoors during the coronavirus epidemic.

One of the major changes on WhatsApp is the custom chat wallpaper feature. It gives you the option to use a custom wallpaper for your favorite chat and favorite contacts, so that the chat box of that contact can look different from your regular WhatsApp wallpaper. This will help reduce instances of sending messages to the wrong chat window.

In September, a WhatsApp beta custom chat wallpaper feature was introduced for Android. It was initially introduced internally for testing. At that time it was also not available to beta testers. However, this facility is now coming to the general public.

In addition to the custom chat wallpapers, WhatsApp is bringing doodle wallpapers in new color options. New wallpapers have also been introduced, which are called “diverse” and include photographs of nature and architecture from around the world, along with some new designs.

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