New ‘Raise Hand’ feature added to Google Meet, can raise hands virtually during meeting

Google Meet has introduced a new feature, in which users can raise their hands virtually during the meeting to ask questions and give their views. This feature has a ‘Raise Hand’ button positioned at the bottom of the screen during the meeting. If more than one member raises their hands in the meeting, the moderator will see the order of raising their hands, so that he can address the members accordingly.

By pressing the ‘Raise Hand’ button during a conference on Google Meet, it will change to the Lower Hand button which participants can later use to lower the hand. Google made this information public in its blog post. Apart from this, meeting moderators will also have the option that they can lower the hand of a specific person or make the hand of everyone down. If the moderator lowers your hand, you will also get a notification.

Whenever someone raises their hand in the meeting, all the participants will get its notification and the icon of ‘Raise Hand’ will be seen on the edge of the screen of the participant which can be seen by all and the contestant who holds the hand. This feature is available for qualified Android, iOS and web users. This feature has been rolled out and it will take two weeks to reach all users. Google Meat’s rival company Zoom has already launched this feature.

Whenever the contestant raises their hands on Google Meetup virtually, the meeting moderator will see the hand icon in the video preview. If the moderator is on the second tab instead of the Google Meat tab, then he will receive a sound notification of the feature that someone wants to speak using the rice hand button.

This feature is not available for Personal Google Account, Workplace Business Starter Plan and G Suite Basic Customers. It has been rolled out for users with Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essential, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus as well as G Suite Business, Education, Enterprise for Education and Non-Profit plans.

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