OnePlus extends warranty till 30 June on all its products in India

OnePlus has extended the warranty of all its products in India till June 30, which was to expire from April 1 to June 29, 2021. This announcement of the company came at a time when the country is once again going through the outbreak of Corona virus epidemic. Let us tell you, OnePlus also extended the warranty of its products last year due to the lockdown in the country due to the corona virus epidemic, while like last year, this year the company also understood the need of its customers this year. There was no delay in taking the step. Like the OnePlus, many smartphone maker companies have announced an increase in the warranty deadline for their smartphones and other devices. OnePlus has also mentioned that if the company makes any changes in its policy or operations in future, the customers will be updated in advance.

OnePlus has announced a warranty extension through its Community Forum post, stating “OnePlus Support Team has taken this step for the benefit of its employees, customers, community members and partners during the current difficult situation.” As we said, OnePlus has extended the warranty of all its products in India till 30 June 2021, whose warranty was expiring from 1 April to 29 June 2021.

OnePlus has also mentioned that product order delivery is being delayed at some locations due to obeying government protocols. OnePlus says that until the restrictions imposed by the government are relaxed, they cannot estimate the delivery time of such products. The company also informed that the work of their service centers is also temporarily closed. As the conditions improve slightly, the service centers will be started.

Let us tell you, many brands like OnePlus have also extended the warranty of their products recently, including Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and Poco, in view of the corona virus epidemic. Similarly, many brands had taken similar steps in the Corona virus lockdown that took place last year.

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