Oneplus patents a smartphone that can be folded three times, see how it will be

Foldable smartphones are the new tech revolution, but so far only Samsung has been able to show strength in this direction. The way people are showing interest in foldable smartphones, it has made other brands also eager to launch foldable phones soon. Now a patent related to OnePlus has been discovered and it is claimed that the tech company is working on a foldable smartphone with two hinges, which can be locked with a handy slider. The Fold phone of OnePlus is believed to be ahead of the fold phones of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi in terms of technology, as it is a three display device, which is also being called as a tri-fold foldable smartphone. However, other companies are also working in this direction.

Oneplus’ patent relates to a foldable phone, which has three display parts. It has been invented by Gao Yang and has been called ‘mobile terminal’ in the patent document.

The patent document is believed to have been filed in China in 2020 and published in July 2021. It is now included in the patents database of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The WIPO document has approved this alleged patented technology of OnePlus.

LETSGODIGITAL has also released the astonishing renders of OnePlus’ tri-fold smartphone found from the patent images. The device can be folded in several ways. Apart from functioning like a smartphone, it can also function like a large tablet. Its design is quite versatile. It will also be interesting to see how the OnePlus tri-foldable smartphone makes its debut. It also remains to be seen what the smartphone will actually look like, as its design has little resemblance to existing tri-foldable designs.

This phone can be expected to launch next year and it can be quite different from other foldable phones. It is believed that the design of the phone can also see some challenges according to the use of the market and the people, especially its display, which is tri-foldable.

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