Ordered Rs 400 mouthwash from Amazon, got 12 thousand Redmi Note 10 smartphone in return

You must have read a lot of news about mobiles and bricks, stones or soap found in boxes. But the opposite happened with a wealthy man. In fact, the co-founder of a travel luggage company in Mumbai claims that he was delivered a smartphone by Amazon India instead of a mouthwash. He also shared a picture of the box of the Redmi Note 10 smartphone. Let us know that Redmi Note 10 was launched recently and its initial price is Rs 12,499. Surprisingly, the person also wants to return this wrong delivery, but due to Amazon’s policy, the company is not even taking this smartphone back from them.

Lokesh Daga, co-founder of a Mumbai travel luggage company Via twitter Told his entire story. Lokesh says that he had ordered a mouthwash from Amazon, but in return he got the box of Redmi Note 10 mobile phone launched about four years ago. He stated that the package label on the item delivered was in his name, but the invoice was on someone else’s name. Lokesh Daga informed Amazon via email so that the smartphone could be passed on to its rightful owner, but the e-commerce company’s return policy (return policy) does not allow this to happen. This is because the mouthwash ordered by Lokesh Daga falls into the consumer product category, which is non-refundable.

In his tweet, the meme and funny reply of Twitter users as if the fence had come. A user advised him to keep the smartphone and asked him to buy the mouthwash from the nearest store.

A user told them to gift the phone to him and promised to buy two mouthwashes instead of one for him. In return, Lokesh Daga wrote a “nice try” to the user and also expressed concern about what might have happened to the person who ordered the phone. It may be that the person has received a mouthwash.

One user wrote that he was sent by the same seller in October, who sent him a body spray of Rs 199 in exchange for a Redmi 9 mobile phone worth Rs 8,000 and Amazon refused to give him the replacement.

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