PUBG Mobile gets new update, but in India …

PUBG Mobile has finally got the 1.0 update. Today, from September 8, this update has gone live on Global Server. This update brings major changes to the game, including the new Erangel map, the new Royale Pass season. Along with improving Livik, training ground has also been improved. PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games say that the server will not be made offline for this update. The upcoming new season of PUBG Mobile will be called Beyond ACE and will be available to players on 14 September.

The latest update for PUBG Mobile comes with version 1.0.0 and has been reported on the official website as the new Aira for the game. It brings a changed Erangel map with many visual updates in the sky, land, water and greenery. The new Erangel map had been in the news for a long time. For some time, it was also live on the beta test server. In this map, large drop locations like Milta Power, Query and Prison have been specially prepared for the best fight.

Some new map elements such as trenches, wooden barricades, old lying tanks and constructions have also been added, which will be helpful in taking cover during battle.

Livik Map has also been improved in this update. Liveick has some improvements in both visual and gameplay parts. The design of rocks, water, waterfalls and some elements has been improved for smooth gameplay. A new semi-automatic shotgun named M1014 has been added.

Royale Pass season 15 ie Beyond ACE also brings some changes. It will have Energy Towers, where players can redeem the supply after encountering certain circumstances. Royale Pass season 15 will go live on 14 September on PUBG Mobile.

Payload 2.0 is also coming to the game soon. It will also bring a new armed helicopter, advanced communication towers and more. It will also bring a new armed UZ, Dasia, Bagi and pickup, as well as new heavy weapons – the AT4-A laser-guided missile and the M202 four-barrel rocket launcher.

PUBG Mobile Update 1.0 comes with 1.8 GB on Android and 2.17 GB on iOS devices. However, due to the ban in India, it is not available on Google Play and Apple App Store.


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