PUBG Mobile Update: Exciting Karakin Map in beta version, many more awesome features were added

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map: Many new features have been added to the PUBG Mobile Beta update. The popular and exciting map of PUBG PC has been added to Karakin, allegedly in a new update released last week. Not only this, the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 update has also added new elements like Panzerfaust weapon, motor glider and sticky bomb. All these elements are also expected in the stable version of the game soon. Karakin map has been waiting for a long time in PUBG Mobile. It is a small, but very exciting map, where bombs rain from the sky in a short period of time. It is very sad that Indian players cannot officially enjoy the fun of this update, as PUBG Mobile has been banned in India.

As per Insidesports report, PUBG Mobile Beta received a new 1.3 update last week. Many new features found in this update have also been mentioned in the report. In the new beta update, the popular PUBG PC map Karakin has been added, which is considered very exciting to play. This small map periodically bombards the bomb from the sky. The Karakin map is 2×2 kilometers long, which will be similar to the game’s shortest map Livik. A total of 64 players will jump in this map.

As we said, the sky periodically rains ammo from the sky. The zone in which this will happen will be shown in black and purple. Due to this, the game becomes quite exciting in the last few circles. This map is well-liked in PCs and has now been released for players of the mobile version.

In addition to the map, the new beta version reportedly adds sticky bombs, which will be found in the Karakin map. It looks similar to a grenade, but it can stick to walls and floors. Apart from this, a rocket launcher named Panzerfaust has also been added to the game. This launcher will also be found in Karakin Map. The other weapon is a sniper rifle, named Mosin Nagant. This gun will be found on the Erangel and Vikendi maps and is a bolt-action sniper.

An interesting feature is the new Motor Glider, which will fly in the air. It is a two-seater aircraft that will need a runway to fly. It is reportedly very high in fuel consumption. The higher the speed you blow it, the more oil it will use. This glider is brought for the Erangel and Miramar map.

Unfortunately both the stable and beta versions of PUBG Mobile cannot be played in India, as this game is banned in the country. Although players play it via VPN and APK, we do not recommend doing so.


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