PUBG: New State’s announcement points to PUBG Mobile’s return to India!

PUBG Mobile India Launch Update: There is still confusion over the launch of PUBG Mobile India. The government has tightened its stand regarding the game. However, after the ban, PUBG’s main company, PUBG Corporation, withdrew the responsibility of PUBG Mobile’s India operation from Chinese game company Tencent. Everyone felt that the ban on the game in India could be lifted once Krafton (a subsidiary of PUBG Corp.) became a publisher, but that did not happen. Now PUBG Mobile India is not known, but Krafton has announced PUBG: New State. The game has been made live on Google Play for pre-registration. Are we going to see this game in India too?

With the announcement of PUBG: New State, the expectations of Indian PUBG Mobile fans have reached the seventh sky. It has been made live on Google Play for pre-registration and will soon be available on the App Store. The game is developed by PUBG Studio and published by South Korean video game company Krafton, which is also the publisher of the main PC version PlayersUnknown Battleground.

When will PUBG Mobile India launch in India?

PUBG Mobile’s publisher was Tencent, a Chinese game company. Most publishers of banned games and apps in India were Chinese companies. These apps and games in India were banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under the provisions of the Information Technology Rules 2009. The government said that the banned games and apps were “dangerous for the sovereignty and integrity of the country”. After this, PUBG Corporation gave the responsibility of PUBG Mobile’s India operation to Krafton and announced a special PUBG Mobile India game for India. The company also released advertisements for the game along with several popular Indian PUBG Mobile eSports players. It seemed that the new game would not take much time to come, but the game has not yet been released, nor has there been a statement from the developer and publisher about the launch.

Recently some RTIs were put up, in which some questions were asked to MeitY about the return of PUBG Mobile. In response to this, MeitY had made it clear that the government has not issued any orders regarding the return of PUBG Mobile. Even the government had said that till that time there was no dialogue between him and PUBG Corp./ Krafton.

Will PUBG: New State be launched in India instead of PUBG Mobile India?

PUBG: New State will be published by Krafton and its developer is PUBG Studio. The game has no connection with Tencent. Now that Tencent was a major reason behind the ban on PUBG Mobile, it remains to be seen if this game will get an entry in India after the root cause of the problem is over. It may also happen that PUBG: New State came to India as PUBG Mobile India with some changes. However, so far PUBG Corp. Or there is no information shared by Krafton about the game’s India launch.

PUBG: What is New State Game?

PUBG: New State is a Battle Royale game similar to PUBG Mobile, but because it is based on 2051, everything from weapons to vehicles is modern. In this, players are landed in a place called ‘Troi’, which will probably be the name of the game’s map. Many gadgets also appear in the game with modern weapons and modern vehicles. The new game feels a lot like PUBG Mobile. It seems that the developers want PUBG: New State to have a popular PUBG Mobile experience even in games, so that players have no problem in adopting a new game.

The game’s graphics in the trailer look awesome. It also shows the drone and the rare shield. Many elements are derived from PUBG Mobile, such as M416 and SKS guns and Buggy cars. Right now the game is available for pre-registration on Google Play and will also be launched on the App Store soon.


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