PUBG: New update for New State users, hackers will no longer be able to cheat

PUBG: New State game has been updated by its developer Crafton with new features. These measures will further improve the hackers’ detection efforts. This update has been rolled out for Android and iOS users. The recently released battle royale game has seen an increase in software that tries to take advantage of the rest of the players in the game. Crafton also announced that additional updates will be released next week to identify and ban such programs.

In a blog post, Crafton said that PUBG: New State was sent to maintenance on November 23 to implement the latest update. The new update brings a great way to detect “unauthorized third party programs” in real time. According to Crafton, it has seen a huge increase in the use of unauthorized third party programs over the weekend of November 20-22. Crafton said that future updates will come with more improvements against the anti-cheat system. Third party programs are designed to give better capabilities to the players in the game, regardless of the regular game.

According to Crafton, the flaws in the game that allowed hackers to ruin it have also been fixed in this update. This will help in reducing the ways of taking wrong advantage in the game, which will reduce the frustration of the gamers. Comments on a recent post on the PUBG: New State Facebook page have received complaints about hackers affecting the game. Significantly, PUBG: New State has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Google Play store.

The November 23 update of PUBG: New State will be mandatory for Android users. Those who don’t have automatic updates enabled on Google Play will be sent to the game listing to update the game. On the App Store, the game has been updated with “Service Stabilization” listed in the changelog. It can be believed that with the help of this update and the upcoming updates, PUBG: New State users will have to face the least amount of cheating during gaming.

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