Realme 8 Pro will be equipped with 108 megapixel Samsung HM2 primary camera, company revealed

The 108-megapixel Samsung HM2 primary camera will be given in the Realme 8 Pro smartphone, which the company itself has revealed today during a virtual event. The new camera sensor introduced in September last year is present in Xiaomi’s Mi 10i smartphone. In addition to the 108-megapixel primary camera sensor, the Realme 8 Pro smartphone will feature all-new in-sensor zoom technology, which will offer 3x zoom. It has been claimed that it will provide a better experience than optical zoom lenses. Realme 8 series will also come with updated Starry Mode, which the Chinese company says that it will work with time lapse video.

The 108-megapixel Samsung HM2 primary camera on Realme 8 Pro will bring balanced exposure as well as dark colors and sharp details in the dark and bright areas. Realme claimed this while announcing camera technology for its new smartphone series during the virtual event.

Samsung’s camera sensor has a 12,000 x 9,000 pixel resolution and its larger sensor size is 1 / 1.52 inch. Last week, Madhav Seth, CEO of Realme India, indicated that a 108 megapixel camera could be given in Realme 8 series.

Reality 8 Pro can come with in-sensor zoom technology, which uses proprietary clarity enhancement algorithms to deliver enhanced zoom images. This technology crops a 108 megapixel picture into a 12 megapixel size. However, instead of cropping the larger picture normally, it combines eight 12-megapixel images in a row, so that the clarity of the picture is increased by zooming in a certain area.

Realme has announced an updated Starry Mode that works with time lapse videos. This is called Starry time-lapse video in which photographs captured in starry mode are used to deliver enhanced low-light time lapse shots. The company claims that this feature takes 480 seconds to shoot 30 pictures and produce 1 second time-lapse video.

To make videography great, Realme has also announced a tilt-shift time-lapse video, which will be available in the Reality 8 series. This comes from the preloaded tilt-shift photography algorithm, which allows capturing both tilt-shift photos and 10x faster tilt-shift time-lapse video. Using the tilt-shift mode, users will have the option to adjust the size, angle, position and Bokeh effect size parameters.

The Reality 8 series may come with three new portrait filters, namely Neon Portrait, Dynamic Portrait, Dynamic Bokehe Portrait and AI Color Portrait.


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