“Red tick means the government’s eye on you”, beware of this fake message from WhatsApp

A fake message is spreading on WhatsApp, which talks about the government’s control over the instant messaging app. The message claimed, “Two blue ticks and one red tick means that the government can take action, while three red ticks will mean that the government has started court proceedings against you.” This message is completely wrong, because WhatsApp has not made any changes to the tick in its system. This message seems to spread confusion due to the legal battle between WhatsApp and the Government of India regarding the recently introduced IT rules in the country.

It is spreading through Fake WhatsApp Message groups and the instant messaging platform has labeled it ‘Forwarded many times’, which means that this message has been forwarded many times. The message is completely fake and the said statement is also completely wrong. The message states that WhatsApp is introducing new communication rules for messages and calls, which will connect the device with the government. It also states that the new system will allow the officials associated with the law to take action against the people posting messages and videos against the government.

Let us know that WhatsApp has not released any such features and updates. The message says that a red tick with two blue ticks means that the government can take action on your message and three red ticks means that the government has taken action, but this is not the case, WhatsApp’s tick system Still the same as before. This means that you will see gray and blue ticks as before.

It is also important to note that WhatsApp keeps its users’ chats and calls encrypted end-to-end, which means that the company does not store these data on its servers nor can they see or hear them.

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