#ResignModi post created a ruckus due to blocking on Facebook, company said it happened by mistake …

The central government has been criticized across the country due to the ever increasing cases of Corona virus in India and the inability to handle the situation properly. People are venting their anger through social media. Many people even demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by running the #ResignModi hashtag. However, this trend by people was suddenly blocked by Facebook on 28 April. Yes, some users found that Facebook has blocked the hashtag #ResignModi, due to which many of their posts are not visible. Then did people make a ruckus against Facebook through tweet. Seeing the controversy escalate, Facebook restored the hashtag a few hours later.

A Facebook spokesperson provided information that the hashtag #ResignModi was blocked by mistake. At the same time, he also clarified that this step has not been taken at the behest of the Government of India nor has it been restored again at the behest of them. Facebook has called it a mistake.

The spokesperson said that Facebook blocks the hashtag periodically for various reasons, some are blocked manually, mostly based on automatic internal guidelines.

Significantly, the latest wave of coronovirus has disturbed the situation in India in the recent few weeks. Millions of corona virus epidemics are being reported every day, people are lacking in oxygen. However, hospitals have neither beds for patients nor sufficient oxygen. Lack of oxygen is killing millions of people daily, which can be gauged from the lack of cremation. The Government of India is believed to be responsible for the present condition of India, which has proved to be unsuccessful in getting control of the situation in time.

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