Response to Made in India electric bike running 180Km in single charge, closed booking

Revolt Motors launched its two electric bikes RV300 and RV400 in 2019. The company was started by Micromax founder Rahul Sharma and some two years ago the company received funding of Rs 150 crore from RattanIndia Enterprises Limited. Now, the company has announced that the booking of RV300 and RV400 electric bikes has been discontinued after getting good response. The company has given information of this overbooking in its official website and has also given ‘Notify Me’ option. RV300 and RV400 electric bikes are known for strong performance and good range.

Revolt Motors has announced on its official website that bookings have been temporarily closed due to good response. The company has also installed a ‘Notify Me’ button, through which people can register themselves for the latest updates of the booking. At the moment, information has not been provided as to when the bookings will reopen.

A few days ago Revolt had also announced a funding of Rs 150 crore from the company by RattanIndia Enterprises Limited. The company says that through this funding, Revolt will expand its footprint in the South Asian market, including India. Revolt Motors says the investment will expand the distributor and service network to 35 cities across the country.

Revolt RV400, RV300 specifications

The RV400 comes with a 72V, 3.24KWh lithium-ion battery and uses a 3KW electric motor to power this electric bike. It has dual disc setup with 240mm front disc and 240mm rear disc. It has CBS as well as RBS. It has three riding modes named ECO, Normal and Sport, in these modes this electric bike can hold top speed of 45kmph, 65kmph and 85kmph (km / h) respectively. The range of electric motorcycles in these modes comes out to be 180Km, 110Km and 80Km (km) respectively.

At the same time, the RV300 has a 60V, 2.7KWh lithium-ion battery and its electric motor generates 1.5KW of power. Three riding modes are also found in this bike. These modes yield a top speed of 25Kmph, 45Kmph and 65Kmph respectively and the range exits 180Km, 110Km and 80Km respectively.

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