Samsung Galaxy M01 and Galaxy M01s price cut for Galaxy Buds +, know new prices

Samsung Galaxy M01 and Galaxy M01s smartphones have become cheaper by Rs 500 in India. With this reduction, the price of Galaxy A31 has also been changed. Both Galaxy M01 and Galaxy M01 are available for purchase through both online and offline channels with new prices. Apart from the Galaxy M series phones, Samsung has revised the prices of some audio products, including the Galaxy Buds + and Galaxy Buds Live earbuds. It is believed that this move of the company is to set the stage for the new Galaxy Buds model, which is being said that they will be named Galaxy Buds Pro.

Samsung Galaxy M01, Galaxy M01s price in India

According to the Samsung India online store listing, the price of the Samsung Galaxy M01 smartphone has been reduced from Rs 7,999 to Rs 7,499. At the same time, the new price of Samsung Galaxy M01s smartphone has now been Rs 8,999. Recently, you could buy this smartphone for Rs 9,499. You can also see the revised prices on Amazon. Mumbai based retailer Mahesh Telecom Twitter But it has been suggested that new prices of Galaxy M01 and Galaxy M01S are also available at offline retail stores.

On Tuesday, Samsung has also cut the price of Galaxy A31 by Rs 2,000, after which this phone can now be purchased for Rs 17,999.

Samsung Galaxy Buds +, Galaxy Buds Live price in India

Apart from the revised prices of Galaxy smartphones, Samsung has also updated the prices of audio products such as Galaxy Buds + and Galaxy Buds Live. The Galaxy Buds Plus is available for purchase for Rs 8,990, with which it has been cut by Rs 3,000 from its official price of Rs 11,990. Similarly, the price of Galaxy Buds Live has been reduced from Rs 14,990 to Rs 11,990.

The revised price of Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live can be seen at Samsung India’s online stores. Mahesh Telecom says that this new The prices Also available on offline medium.

It is being said about Samsung that it is preparing to launch Galaxy Buds Pro as an upgrade to Galaxy Buds Plus. These new earbuds can come with the Galaxy S21 next month.


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