Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite may be the cheapest foldable smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite smartphone can be launched next year as an affordable smartphone with a foldable display. According to a well-known analyst, Samsung is working on a new foldable smartphone, which may be named Galaxy Z Flip Lit. As such, it is understood from the moniker that it can come with the same form factor as Galaxy Z Flip, which will be given a clamshell design. Phila, Samsung has not made public any information about the Galaxy Z Flip Lite smartphone.

Analyst Ross Young Tweet As per, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite smartphone may come with Ultra-thin Glass (UTG). This foldable phone will be much cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Due to being economical, it can bring this expensive foldable technology in the mainstream market at a cheaper price.

According to SamMobile’s report, Samsung is working on cheaper foldable glass with lower UTG production costs. This alleged Galaxy Z flip light could come knocking next year.

Samsung is believed to use UTG for its upcoming foldable phone, whether it is a flagship phone or a budget-friendly one. Samsung has made progress with UTG with the launch of Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 phone was launched for Rs 1,49,999, while the Galaxy Z Flip was offered for Rs 84,999. Although the price of the alleged Galaxy Z Flip Lite has not been announced yet, it will be interesting to see how cheap this phone will be.

It is important to note here that Samsung has not announced official information about Galaxy Z Flip Lite or Galaxy Z Fold Lite at the moment.


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