Samsung launches 85 inch size smart TVs, know price

Samsung introduced its new Neo QLED series and The Frame models at CES 2021 in January this year, but at that time the company did not disclose the price of the new models. Now the company has revealed the price of these models and reportedly Samsung will start shipment of these TV models from next month. However, the chosen size will be released in April. Let us know that Samsung’s Neo QLED TV has recently been awarded the title of ‘Best TV of all time’ (Best TV to date) by a German magazine.

According to Techradar’s report Samsung has announced the price of its Neo QLED TV series and the newly upgraded models of The Frame. Samsung frames begin with TV models. The price of the new models has been kept around the 2020 models. The 43-inch size of The Frame is priced at $ 999 (about Rs 72,000). At the same time, its 50-inch model will be sold for $ 1,299 (about Rs. 94,000) and the 55-inch model will be sold for $ 1,499 (about Rs. 1,08,500). The 65-inch and the largest 75-inch sizes of The Frame are priced at $ 1,999 (about Rs. 1,44,500) and $ 2,999 (about Rs. 2,17,000) respectively. The report further states that all these models will be released from 1 April.

Apart from The Frame models, Samsung has announced the price of all the models in its new QLED TV range. The cheapest series in this range is the Q60A, with models available in many sizes. Its 43-inch base model is priced at $ 549 (about Rs 39,000) and the highest-end model in the series comes with an 85-inch size, priced at $ 2,599 (about Rs 1,88,000).

The Q70A QLED range also comes in many sizes. The range starts with a 55-inch size, priced at $ 949 (about Rs 68,500) and its largest 85-inch size can be purchased at a price of $ 2,999 (about Rs 2,17,000). The next range is the Q80A QLED, with the smallest 55-inch size available for $ 1,299 (approximately Rs. 94,000) and the largest 85-inch model available for $ 3,699 (approximately Rs. 2,68,000). The all-new Neo QLED Quantum 4K TV Q85A starts at $ 1,599 (about Rs. 1,15,700). This price is of 55 inch size. The largest size is 85-inch, priced at 4,999 (about Rs. 3,62,000).

Shipping of all these 4K QLED models will begin by 25 March.


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