Samsung will now bring 600 megapixel camera, Tipster gave information

Samsung is reportedly working on the ISOCELL 600 megapixel sensor. While some are waiting for 108 megapixels, Samsung is planning to build a 600 megapixel camera sensor. This has been revealed in the latest leak that surfaced. This sensor will also fix the problem of missing details in zoom shots in 4K or 8K recording. To present the ISOCELL 600 megapixel camera sensor, Samsung will have to overcome many hurdles at the moment, so it can not be expected that Samsung will introduce this camera sensor soon.

Tipster Ice Universe Tweet It is reported that while Samsung is working on a 600 megapixel camera sensor, the size will reportedly be 1 / 0.57 inch. This is a larger size than the largest sensor present, which is present in the 1 / 1.28 inch Huawei P40 Pro +. Tipster has leaked some pictures that look like internal documentation received from employees. It highlights all the obstacles that Samsung must overcome in order to introduce this ISOCELL 600 megapixel sensor.

Internal documentation reveals that Samsung is trying to solve the camera bump problem on a large scale, which emerges when it is currently integrated with 22mm. The document states that this sensor will occupy 12 percent of the space on the back panel of the smartphone, which is similar to the location of multiple sensors located simultaneously in the camera module. The internal paper also reveals that the progress of the 600-megapixel sensor with 0.8um pixel size is huge, and Samsung will still take reasonable time to deliver it to the handset. In such a situation, it cannot be expected to launch soon.

Let me tell you, the 108-megapixel camera was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, even in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, this camera sensor was given this year. It is unlikely that the next generation phone will have a 600-megapixel sensor, but Samsung may offer it with a smartphone to be launched in the future.

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