Scientists found 30 feet long skeleton of a new species of dinosaur in America!

A group of scientists recently discovered the bones of a dinosaur in the US state of Missouri. They claim that this is a new species which has never been found in the country before. The skeleton of a juvenile duck-billed dinosaur, called Pterosaurus missouriensis, is a staggering 25-30 feet tall. Scientists have kept the place of their discovery a secret until it can be secured. Paleontologist Guy Darrough, who discovered the skeleton, took it to a local museum and then called the Field Museum in Chicago to reveal the big news. He reportedly spoke to Pete Makovicky, the curator of dinosaurs at the Field Museum. “He came down and looked and said, ‘Yeah, you guys got dinosaurs’.”

“I can’t imagine anything that’s more impressive than what we’ve discovered here. A new genus in the species. It’s a world-famous discovery,” Darrow said.

Mikovicki, a professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Minnesota, and his team soon began excavations at the site in Missouri and found an adult pterosaurus missouriensis, right next to the juvenile discovered by Darrow. “It’s really a remarkable site in one of the best dinosaur locations east of the Great Plains,” Mikovicki told Fox 2.

Mikowicki, who has excavated sites around the world to find dinosaur remains, describes the Missouri site as one of the most unique and believes more dinosaur fossils will be found there.

Finding dinosaur remains is a difficult task. It requires gentleness and patience. As was the case with this discovery, which took 80 years to complete. In 1940, Poperty’s then owners found some of the bones, which were then sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, the world’s largest museum, education and research complex. Later those bones were confirmed to be dinosaurs. But then there was not much interest in it.

The property was bought in the 1970s and excavations resumed. With the discovery of the skeletons of Parrosaurus Missouriensis, this effort now succeeded.


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