The creator of Dogecoin criticized Elon Musk, then deleted the tweet

Elon Musk was criticized by Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer. Elon Musk is often seen supporting this meme-based currency on Twitter, which has seen a huge jump in its value in the last few months. Palmer tweeted that Tesla’s CEO is a self-absorbed thug. He also dubbed Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) as flattering. This tech tycoon called DogCoin (SNL) a “hustle”. After which its price started falling but later stabilized. However, Palmer said that he had removed the tweet criticizing Musk within a minute.

But during this time, Twitter users started sharing the screenshot of that tweet in a big way with its own meaning. As a result of this, this dogCoin (Price in India) creator, who stayed away from social media, got the point of this.

A few days ago, Musk said in a Tesla statement that now the company is going to stop the payment from bitcoin. The reason for this was attributed to the increasing consumption of fossil fuels for bitcoin. Tesla invested $ 1.5 billion (about Rs 10,990 crore) in bitcoin earlier this year.
This was followed by Musk’s statement that he was in talks with the developers of DogCoin, the fourth largest crypto currency, to improve system transaction efficiency.

It was not immediately clear whether Palmer’s response was in response to the tweet when he expressed confidence in DogCoin and said he did not support the increased use of fossil fuels.

At the same time, DogCoin’s second creator Billy Marcus, who posts on Twitter with the username Shibetoshi Nakamoto, responded to Musk’s tweet by reacting to a weeping emoji face.

At the same time, a user then asked whether he and Palmer had kept this energy consumption in mind while making this Mim currency? In response to this, he said that DogCoin was made in just two hours and he did not think anything about it.

Both Marcus and Palmer are software engineers who created DogCoin in 2013. This digital asset was never thought to be successful and for a long time it was traded as a joke.

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