These teams won the group stage of the 11 crore PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 tournament

The PUBG Mobile Clud Open 2021 tournament is on. The third phase of this competition divided into four parts i.e. ‘Group Stage’ is over. This time India is not included in PMCO 2021, but Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan are playing in the tournament from South Asia. The group stage results of the three countries have been announced. The top 10 teams selected in the PMCO group stage will take part in the finals starting on 24 February. The group stage part began on 16 February.

The PMCO 2021 finals will start from 24 February and will run till 28 February. During this time, the top teams of all the groups will fight among themselves and three teams from each country winning the PMCO 2021 finals will qualify for PUBG Mobile Pro League: S3 South Asia. Here we will Nepal, Bangladesh And Pakistan Telling about the top 10 teams going towards fines.

PMCO 2021 Nepal Results

Carnage Esports has been ranked number 1 among the top 10 teams selected by Nepal in the Group Stage Finals of PMCO 2021. The second position was bagged by Vibes Esports and the third place by Ekta Esports. The fourth number is occupied by Team COPS. The remaining spots were followed by Dream Hackers Esports, Harame, Hype Esports, KWIN Esports, Trust D Process and H2o Esports.

PMCO 2021 Bangladesh Results

XB Blood Legion has been ranked No.1 among the teams selected by Bangladesh in the Group Stage Finals of PMCO 2021. ERZxTRZ Esports took the second place and Exentric Infinity took the third place. The number four is occupied by XCxVSeSports. After this, the remaining seats have been won by Infernal parasite Gx, Max Esports, AGxT9 ax, Gods Reborn, KS AXE, ALxK9 ESPORTS.

PMCO 2021 Pakistan Results

At the same time, in the group stage finals of PMCO 2021, Team F4 has taken the first place among the top 10 teams selected by Pakistan. Second place is held by Mangus Esports and third place is Portal Esports. At number four is North Esports. The remaining spots were Team TUF, NFPxSky Esports, E-Sport Nation, Free Style, Team H2e and STARxOps.

The total price pool of PMCO 2021 is $ 1.6 million i.e. approximately Rs 11.6 crore. It will be divided into groups divided into different parts.

Unfortunately, this time India’s PUBG eSports teams are not able to participate in any tournament of PUBG Mobile, because the game is banned in the country. PubG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020. PUBG Corp. Has announced a special PUBG Mobile India game for India, but there is currently no clarity on the game’s release.


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