This amazing feature of Google Pixel phone saved a person’s life

Technology is beneficial for humans in many ways. A living example of this is a man named Chuck Walker, whose life in the Google Pixel 4 XL was saved by the car crash detection feature. Walker has shared details of the incident on Reddit. In November last year, Walker encountered an accident where the Google Pixel 4XL automatically contacted emergency services on time to save his life.

Chuck Walker, who is running his Reddit account from u / postnospam, shared the entire incident with him via a post. He has also shared some photos of some of the events. According to the Post, the talk dates back to November 2020, when Walker was doing some work on his property in a bobcat vehicle and his machine overturned and fell into a small dry drain. The machine overturned and the emergency door was also blocked. In this incident, Walker’s multiple ribs were broken and a part of his reed bone was also damaged. Due to this, the walkers also fainted. His Pixel 4 XL came in handy here.

Photo Credit: imgur (postnospam)

Actually, Google has given the Car Crash Detection feature in Pixel 4 XL, which tries to identify the crash using the sensors present in the phone and gives you the option to contact the emergency services. Although it was not a car accident, but even when the Bobcat overturned, his phone also fell out and the phone assumed it to be a crash. In such a situation, Google Pixels contacted the emergency services. Walker further stated that when he regained consciousness after falling, he was heard by an emergency service employee in an earbud stuck in his ear. Walker says that if his phone did not have this feature, the result of this accident could have been serious.

Let us know that this feature is currently only available on Google Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4. Google has not given it in Pixel 3, Pixel 5, Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G. Before you start looking for this feature in your phone, let us know that the feature is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

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