This company is making air-flying motorcycle, know its price and features

You can guess at what level of technology is today, from the fact that automakers no longer want to see cars or motorcycles running in the ground. You can also see a motorcycle flying in the air in the coming times. Yes, you read that right, Jetpack Aviation, a company that works on flying vehicles, is planning to do something similar. The company has created the world’s first flying motorcycle named Speeder, which can take humans from one place to another in the air. Although the company is planning to develop this vehicle for the army and governments in the future, but the company says that 20 units of this flying motorcycle will also be made for the general public. Its price has also been disclosed.

Jetpack Aviation is known for its jetpack, but the company has also created a flying motorcycle called the Speeder, which can be flown in the air. Its design will remind you of vehicles in video games or many futuristic movies. Not only is it modern in appearance, but strong specifications have also been used in it. Jetpack Aviation says that initially 20 units will be made for the general public and later it will be produced only for the army and governments.

The Speeder was introduced as a prototype in 2019. Its price is said to be $ 380,000 (about Rs 2.83 crore), but the company has clearly written on the inquiry page that its price may also change till the time of delivery. At present, the company has not shared any information regarding its production and delivery time. Customers wishing to buy it can fill the Enqiry form to pre-book or other related information.

The Speeder is powered by a 4 turbo engine and will run on either diesel or kerosene fuel. The four engines in it together are capable of producing a maximum thrust of 705lbf. It can run continuously for 20 minutes and can accelerate to more than 240 kilometers per hour. The company claims that it is capable of achieving an altitude of 15,000 feet. It also includes a 12-inch touchscreen display. The company has also shared the video of this flying motorcycle on its official YouTube page, which will show you how people will be able to fly the motorcycle in the air along with the ground in the future. You can also watch this video below.

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