This electric car will be charged with sunlight, will run 800KM

There is not much time, when we will start seeing a large number of electric trains around us. Many popular companies are turning to electric vehicles and a large number of new startups are also entering this segment. Now a completely new startup has emerged, which has introduced its unique SUV electric car. California-based startup, Humble Motors has built an electric SUV that will be powered by sunlight. The company has designed a special solar roof for this, which will charge the battery of the car. Car manufacturers are increasingly moving towards electric cars, but the biggest problem right now is to install a large number of charging infrastructure and Humble Motors’ Humbe One car can be the solution to this problem.

New EV startup Humble Motors has introduced its first solar powered electric car Humble One. The startup has also started booking bookings for the new electric SUV through its official website. Those wishing to buy an electric SUV can book it for $ 300 (about Rs 22,000). However, the company has said that the delivery of the car will start from 2025 without specifying an exact date. The company has also created a reservation advancement page, where all the conditions and rules related to booking are mentioned.

According to the FAQ page on Humble’s official website, the price of Humble One will be $ 1,09,000 (about 80 lakh rupees) after removing tax. It will be a five-seater SUV. Now if you are wondering how you will be able to run it at night due to solar powered, then in response to this, the company says that it can be run at night due to internal battery and according to the claim, it is sunlight Can walk 500 miles (800 kilometers). The Humble One electric car can be charged with sunlight as well as regular power socket, standard EV charging point and EV fast charge.

The roof-mounted panel is 82.35 square feet in size and is made up of photovoltaic cells, which can cover the car 60 miles (97 kilometers) a day. This electric car is capable of generating 1020hp. The car also looks like a modern car. As we said, this startup is currently new. Car designing started in 2020 and the company says that its production will start in 2024 and delivery will begin in 2025.

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