This Made in India electric moped will run 1 kilometer at the cost of 20 paise

Geliose Mobility, this is a completely new start-up in the Indian electric automobile industry. The start-up has launched an electric moppet named after its first electric two-wheeler, whose design is quite unique and attractive as well. The new electric moped of this startup associated with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi is named Hope. Its top speed is 25Kmph (kilometers per hour). The company claims that it can run a maximum of 75 km on a single charge.

The Geliose Hope Electric Moped is priced at Rs 46,999 (ex-showroom) in Delhi. Customers will also get some attractive color options, including Neon Green, Midnight Black and Army Green. The company says that from the initial design to the final product, it is a completely made in India moped. Its registrations are also open. You can book Hope by submitting some of your information here.

Many of its pictures and information of its specifications have also been given in the company’s official website. The Geliose Hope electric moped is being promoted for low running cost. The company claims that the moped runs at a cost of just 20 paise per kilometer. This has been compared to a conventional petrol scooter, which costs Rs 2.5 per km. Being a moped, it offers both paddle and throttle options. The company says that the user can easily switch between the two. There are many accessories options for the rear seat, through which you can place different types of carriers to hold the pillion seat or luggage in the back.

Its design is also quite attractive and unique. It has a frame similar to a sports bike, somewhat similar to a KTM bike. The front and rear LED lights are provided and the indicators are also dynamic running. Its instrument cluster is also digital. It also offers reverse mode and parking assist feature.

In terms of power, the Geliose Hope electric moped includes a 250W BLDC motor, capable of delivering a top speed of 25Kmph. There are three battery options, which allow it to take out a maximum range of 75KM. The battery takes a maximum of 4 hours to be fully charged and the company also claims that its battery pack gets 80 percent charged in 3 hours and 12 minutes. Being a low-speed vehicle, you do not need a license and registration to run it.

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