TikTok most downloaded in 2020, Facebook left behind: report

TikTok has become the most downloaded app of the year 2020 beating Facebook, whose information has been revealed in the Mobile Trends report. Tittock has made its way into three of the lists and analytical firm App Annie has estimated that the app will join the 1 billion Active Users Club next year. However, Facebook apps have made their way into the top 5 most downloaded apps. Facebook is at number two in this list, while WhatsApp Messenger is at number three and Instagram has placed at number five. This year has seen an increase in usage of the Zoom mobile app, making it the fourth most downloaded app of the year 2020.

According to an annual report on mobile trends by data analytics platform App Annie, the corona virus epidemic has accelerated mobile usage by us for two to three years. One of the biggest areas of growth this year has been spent on mobile devices. In this, people have spent most of their time on business apps, which has increased by up to 200 percent.

The download and consumer spends data have been taken jointly by Google Play and iOS as of November 2020, although iOS results are only displayed for China. Monthly active users on iPhone and Android phones jointly excluding China are based on data from January to October 2020.

The top 10 worldwide most downloaded apps include the top 5 apps followed by Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Snapchat, Telegram and Like.

However, Facebook-owned apps have made their mark in the list of active users. The top 4 apps in this list are from Facebook itself, with Facebook at the top, WhatsApp at number two, Facebook Messenger at number three and Instagram at number four.

Tinder is ranked at the top of the list of users who have spent the most on the app, followed by TikTok at 15th position. YouTube, Disney + and Tencent Video are the next names on this list. According to the report, this year has been the best in terms of growth for Disney + after the rollout in the European and Latin America markets.

Free Fire Worldwide became the most downloaded game, followed by games like Subway Surfers, Among Us, PUBG Mobile, and Gardenscapes: New Acres in the list. The report mentions that this year has also been very good for Among Us in terms of growth and active users.


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