Volkswagen will rent self-driving feature, this will be the charge per hour!

German automaker Volkswagen is planning to launch a service that will allow people to drive the company’s autonomous vehicles on an hourly fee. Through this service, many people can avoid the fatigue of driving during long journeys. Let us know that the company has created a MEB (Modular Electric Car Platform), on which this feature will be built. A member of the company’s board says that the upcoming service is expected to start (by the second quarter of next year) once the Volkswagen self-driving feature is ready.

If you want to avoid the hassle of driving during long journeys, Volkswagen can solve this problem for you in the future. The company is working on a new self-driving feature that can be rented on an hourly basis. In an interview with Die Welt, a German newspaper, Volkswagen board member Thomas Ulbrich said the company plans to offer a range of services on an hourly/daily subscription basis. He says that even if it takes at least 15 minutes to charge the vehicle, then users will be able to play video games in the vehicle in that time interval.

The new idea can certainly help the auto giant to make good money, as almost all the companies are currently moving towards e-mobility. However, it is too early to say whether people will want to pay per hour to use the self-driving feature in their car.

In an interview with Ars Technica, Volkswagen Chief Sales Officer Klaus Zellmer said (translated) “We assume a price of about 7 euros per hour (about Rs 600). So, if you don’t want to drive yourself for three hours, So you can use this service for 21 euros (about Rs 1,870).” He took a jibe at Tesla, saying that the company would be able to make autonomous driving accessible to as many passengers as possible by charging an hourly fee instead of buying an entire car for the number five price (in dollars).

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