Whatsapp breaches privacy, then delete app: Delhi High Court

Whatsapp (WhatsApp) heard in the Delhi High Court on Monday about the policy update in India. However, the Delhi High Court refused to issue notices to WhatsApp and Facebook regarding the new policy update. A petition was filed against WhatsApp regarding the policy update in the Delhi High Court. Earlier, WhatsApp had given information about its policy update in India, which said that it will share WhatsApp data with its parent company Facebook.

There was an appeal in the High Court regarding Whatsapp that the government should take action on the new policy of WhatsApp. In the petition, the new policy was called a violation of the privacy of users. But the High Court refused to issue any notice in this case.

The Delhi High Court stated in its order that WhatsApp is a private app. If anyone is having trouble with the WhatsApp policy or if it affects the privacy of users, then they should leave it. The court has said in its order that there are many apps with which users share their data. Even Google Maps captures users’ data. Recently, since WhatsApp has come out with its new policy update, it has been strongly opposed to it.

The High Court has said that if anyone feels that their privacy is threatened by using WhatsApp, then they should leave this app. He may turn to another app. In this, there is no pressure being made on the users. People angry with WhatsApp’s policy update are now turning to Telegram and Signal. Telegram and Signal have received several lakh downloads in the last few days.

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