WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook down, users complain…

WhatsApp (WhatsApp), Instagram (Instagram) and Facebook (Facebook) were down worldwide on 4 October after 9 pm. Many users have also complained about this on Twitter. WhatsApp is not working on both web and smartphone. Facebook has also apologized to the users for this inconvenience by writing a message for this on its website. We are working on it and will fix it as soon as possible.

Instagram has also given a message of service down to people on Twitter. It says that Friends is going through a bit of a problem. We know you’re having some trouble using our platform. Stay with us, we are working on fixing this.

Many users have also complained about this on Twitter. There has been a sudden increase in complaints made by users on the website downdetector.com, which tracks the web service. More than 18 thousand reports of WhatsApp outage have been registered on the website in just 10 minutes after 9 pm.

Several users have posted several messages on Twitter stating that they were unable to access these popular social networking and communication platforms after 9 pm Indian time. These three apps owned by Facebook are very popular in India for messaging, photo sharing and social networking.

This is not the first time that Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps have been down. Even before this, these apps have been down many times, which people had complained about on Twitter. The hashtags of WhatsApp Down, and Facebook Down also started trending on Twitter.


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