WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will be implemented after May 15, know everything about it before that

WhatsApp is updating its privacy policy and this change has put the instant messaging app in controversy. The last date for adopting this updated policy was first February 8, but later the company changed it to May 15. WhatsApp is facing criticism worldwide, as developers are changing the way user data sharing is done on their platforms. However, the Facebook-owned company has claimed that the policy will not affect the privacy of ordinary chats. The company says that the new policy is designed to provide a personalized experience to the business by sharing user details.

Much confusion has arisen about the new policy. There are many questions in the minds of the users, what is the new policy of WhatsApp, how it will affect the users, what data will the company share and what will happen if you do not accept the new policy. Here, we are answering all these questions to you.

When will WhatsApp implement its updated privacy policy?

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was planned to be implemented on all accounts by 8 February. However, after facing criticism, the Facebook-owned company explained to the public and through some announcements that the company postponed the update. But even this did not work. Finally, WhatsApp has postponed the new privacy policy till May 15.

What all data is shared if you agree to the updated privacy policy?

WhatsApp has made it clear since the announcement of its new privacy policy that the update has been primarily updated for business accounts using the platform. This means that once the updated privacy policy is accepted, app user details such as their phone numbers and transaction data will be shared with businesses. But still, WhatsApp has said that these changes “will not affect chats made with anyone.” The company has also made it clear through a blog post that the app will continue to provide end-to-end encryption for users’ private messages. Along with this it was also told that the company does not collect messages and call logs of users.

The new privacy policy also says that WhatsApp will now share data with its parent company Facebook and its other subsidiaries. This was the major reason behind the criticism. WhatsApp, however, also clarified that the new policy will not extend its existing capabilities of sharing data with Facebook. The company also said that it cannot view the location shared by its users nor share its contact with the parent company. However, do not imply that WhatsApp does not share any data with Facebook. The company has already shared a lot of information about its users with the social media giant.

What will happen if you don’t agree to the updated WhatsApp privacy policy?

WhatsApp initially did not give any clarity on what would be done with a user’s account if the new policy was not accepted. However, on its FAQ page, the company has written that if the user does not accept the new policy, it will not have full functionality of the app.

The company wrote on the page, (translated) “For the time being, you will be able to receive calls and notifications, but will not be able to read or send messages in the app.” TechCrunch reports that “some time” by WhatsApp means a few weeks. WhatsApp has said that users will have a chance to accept the update after May 15.


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