Why did Kazakhstan ban LinkedIn?

Kazakhstan has blocked access to LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft. The move comes after the government of this Central Asian country was said to have online casino ads and fake accounts.
The Ministry of Information and Social Development said in a statement that it had asked LinkedIn to remove the items in question but the company had failed to comply. Access to the social network would be restored after redressal of complaints, it was said. It is illegal to advertise online casinos in Kazakhstan.

LinkedIn said it would look into the concerns raised by the government. “We have clear policies prohibiting ads related to gambling and fake profiles, and we are investigating this issue,” a LinkedIn spokesperson said.
“Our top priority is always to ensure that our members have a safe, reliable and professional experience on our platform.” According to Ukraine-based analytics firm Linked-Promo, there are approximately 720,000 Kazakh LinkedIn members.

In its neighbor Russia, with which Kazakhstan has close political and economic ties, LinkedIn has been blocked since 2016 when Moscow said the company had failed to transfer Russian user data to servers located in the country. The government of the Central Asian country has taken this step regarding the data security of the citizens of the country. India has also taken similar action regarding Chinese apps, in which many Chinese apps were suspected of stealing data of Indian users. The government had banned dozens of such apps in the country, which are still in force.

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