October 3, 2022
Google system update brings app installation tracking to secondary devices, more: All the details

Google is rolling out new Play Store and Play Protect-related features as part of its September 2022 Google System Update. Running the latest Google Play services and Play Store updates will allow users to see a detailed information display detailing all listings on the store, as well as be able to track installations from their phones to other devices. Meanwhile, on phones running the latest Android 13, Play Protect security information will appear on the Security & Privacy Settings section on the phone’s Settings page, according to Google.

as part of september google system updateGoogle has introduced a new feature that will allow users to “check the status of app installs happening on other devices” that they have. The company has also added optimizations to allow for faster and more reliable app download and installation.

Google has also updated its kid-friendly Kids Spaces, allowing users to hide recommended apps during onboarding, and install Kids Spaces on the tablet’s secondary user account during device setup.

New Wear OS features coming to users this month include improvements to account sync and account recovery, a new display format that makes it easier to find recommended apps, automatic collaborative app installation, and a new secondary menu on Android devices that lets users search for more apps. Allows to browse recommended apps for their Wear OS devices.

Although, according As for Android Police, none of these security updates or changes are currently visible to users on their devices, which required a server-side switch for the changes to reflect on the device before the update was announced by Google. Might be the case.

Meanwhile, a new feature will let users track alerts for compromised passwords. As part of the update, users will now receive a notification if their sign-on credentials have been found in a public data breach. The September update includes regular bug fixes for system management and diagnostics, and utilities-related services, optimizations for faster and more reliable downloads and installations, Play Protect improvements to keep user devices safe, and one for larger screens on landscape mode. Includes improved menu navigation. , according to the company.

Updates added as visual feedback when users lock, unlock or start their car with a digital car key, added support for new forms of payment on Google Pay in Japan, and the option to enable showing Brings improvements to Google Wallet. Open loop transit agencies in the list of purchasable transit passes.

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