October 4, 2022
Latest Android Beta Teases Clear Calling, Spatial Audio;  Pixel tablet also tipped

Android 13 QPR1 beta has been released and it has provided a preview of what is in store for the next Pixel Feature Drop update. Google is now working to refine the operating system and the update is suggested to bring a lot of features that will eventually be available to the public. It is made available for testing compatible smartphones to make sure the features are working properly. Android 13 has already been made available for all supported Pixel smartphones.

according to a series of tweets Posted by Arizona Senior Technical Editor Mishaal Rahman, Google is working on a slew of new features for the upcoming Pixel Feature Drop update. Rahman also noted some features that are rumored to be coming but not in place in the Android 13 QPR 1 beta update, which comes along with the Google Play system update for October 2022.

One of the most notable inclusions in the Android 13 QPR1 beta update mentions a Google Pixel tablet. with citing a reference Developer Kuba WojciechowskiRahman mentions that Wojciechowski found two animations that tease the tablet working while charging, along with a Google Pixel tablet (rumored to be a hybrid Nest Hub detachable).

The second key feature in the Android 13 QPR1 beta update is the presence of Spatial Audio – a technology that captures audio signals and applies directional audio filters to create a more immersive soundscape with compatible devices. This feature is currently supported on select Apple devices. Also, there appears to be a new toggle in the developer options to “enable Bluetooth LE audio”. Rahman has mentioned that this feature can be turned on only if the device supports LE audio.

In the Android 13 QPR 1 beta update, they also found Opus (and LC3) codecs available in the Bluetooth audio codec selection, most likely for BT Classic audio streams, the developer says.

As of the Android 13 QPR1 beta update, Google is also working on a feature called “Clear Calling”, which is said to reduce background noise during calls. It reportedly works “for most mobile networks,” but it’s “not available for Wi-Fi calling” and the contents of your calls “are not sent to Google,” notes Rahman.

There’s a new “Security Center” that’s nothing but integrated security and privacy settings. There is no mention of the alleged Face Unlock feature in the Pixel 6 Pro. In addition, Android 13 will show “battery health” information based on the device’s warranty (this could be a Google Pixel-exclusive feature) as well as the display.

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