August 10, 2022
Samsung and iFixit begin selling repair parts for select Galaxy devices as part of self-repair program

After announcing the initiative in March, Samsung has finally launched its self-repair program for the US market. The South Korean electronics giant announced the program earlier this year in collaboration with leading online repair community iFixit. For now, only a handful of Samsung devices will be supported by this program and this short list does not include last year’s Galaxy S22 models.

samsung, at the moment, will only provide repair parts for its Galaxy S20, S21 models and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets. Customers who wish to repair their own devices can now purchase genuine parts and repair tools needed from iFixit’s online store, the Samsung 837 Store, as well as Samsung retail and service locations across the US. These parts will be offered at the same price as Samsung’s service partners. self repair program It seems to be driven largely by iFixit with Samsung providing the genuine spare parts for it.

a quick glance iFixit offers repair kits ranging from $66.99 (approximately Rs. 5,200) to $239.99 (approx. Rs. 18,000) depending on the device selected via the website. Replacement back panels are also available in different finishes and will match the color of the device being repaired.

For now, the self-repair program is limited to only certain types of repairs. This will include replacing the display screen, the back glass of the device and the charging ports, which seem to be quite basic in nature. Samsung has plans to add more repair options that can be operated by a single user in the future, as well as support more Galaxy devices. The company has yet to announce the availability of its self-repair program outside the US.

Samsung recently announced a new repair mode for its older Galaxy devices in Korea. Repair Mode once enabled by the user will secure personal data by providing only limited access to the repair technician at their service centers. This mode will only be available on Samsung’s Galaxy S21 models for now and will be expanded to additional models in the future.

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