August 15, 2022
WhatsApp seen working on testing unread chat filter, ability to view poll results

WhatsApp has started testing chat filters so that you can see all your unread chats instantly. The unread chat filter is initially available for beta testers on the WhatsApp desktop app. However, in the future it is expected to be available for regular users on WhatsApp for Android and iOS along with the desktop version. WhatsApp is seen separately working on the ability for users to view election results. The instant messaging app is also testing the ‘View Once’ feature for photos and videos in Windows through its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) release.

According to A report by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Desktop Beta 2.2221.0 has introduced the unread chat filter. This will make it easier for users to view all their unread chats at once.

Users will be able to disable the filter by tapping the Filter button again or by tapping clear filter Options on the screen, WABetaInfo reports.

whatsapp unread chat filter image wbetainfo whatsapp

WhatsApp is testing unread chat filter option on desktop
photo credit: WABetaInfo

Last month, WhatsApp was seen introducing different chat filters so that users can easily find their unread, contact, non-contact and group chats. The feature was initially available for business users and is said to be being tested for the desktop version of the app.

The exact details of when the chat filters will be available for WhatsApp users on Android and iOS are not yet known. However, WABetaInfo suggests that a similar experience will be available to all users in the future.

In addition to beta testing the unread chat filter, WhatsApp is seen working on the ability to view the results of polls conducted on the app. Some references about development for iOS beta on WhatsApp per a . were seen on report good by WABetaInfo.

A screenshot shared by the source shows that users will see the most voted option at the top as ‘Top Choice’ followed by others. Users will also see the percentage of votes received for each option, although it will not be possible to see who chose which option.

see whatsapp poll results ios beta images wbetainfo WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been spotted testing you ability to view election results
photo credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp has been seen working on the group polls feature since March. The feature was rolled out to some beta testers in April, although it has not yet been made available to the general public.

WhatsApp has started separately testing ‘View Once’ for photos and videos on WhatsApp for Windows through its UWP version. WABetaInfo reports The feature has been included in WhatsApp for Windows beta version 2.2221.4.0.

whatsapp one time windows uwp beta wbetainfo whatsapp

WhatsApp is bringing its ‘View Once’ feature to Windows users via a new UWP release
photo credit: WABetaInfo

The ‘View Once’ feature was introduced last year for mobile WhatsApp users. It lets you send photos and videos that can be viewed in one go.

In April, WhatsApp was seen bringing ‘view once’ photos and videos to Windows users. However, this feature was not available for the experience till now.

The latest Windows app also brings Voice Notes support for WhatsApp users to send their voice messages using a desktop or laptop. This will encourage some users to switch to the UWP version, which is currently in beta testing and available for download through the Microsoft Store.

WhatsApp has also released WhatsApp for Android beta version which brings the ability to share documents up to 2GB in size. The expansion from the current 100MB size limit was initially announced in April.

It’s important to note that while beta testers will be able to share up to 2GB of document files as a result of the update, media files including photos and videos will still be able to share a single file. file size limit 16GB on whatsapp.

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