August 8, 2022
YouTube working on Pinch to Zoom experimental feature

YouTube is testing a feature that will let its users to zoom in and out of any part of the video by pinching the video player with two fingers. This is part of a list of experimental features of YouTube that the platform keeps asking its users to try out before rolling it out to the public. It should be noted that this feature will be offered for trial only for those who have subscribed to YouTube Premium. Last month, YouTube rolled out picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for all subscribers on iPhone and iPad globally.

There may be an experimental feature, called Pinch to Zoom access Only by YouTube Premium subscribers. This feature allows YouTube users to pinch the video player with two fingers to zoom in and out of any clip. In addition, you can also pan through the video feed using your finger. This feature will certainly help tipsters and analysts who look for minute details in videos to bring in unobtrusive details – for example, in movie trailers.

Since this is an experimental feature, it is available for a limited time. YouTube Premium members can access and try it until September 1st get youtube premium If you want to test it. YouTube is currently offering a free 3-month trial. Prices for membership start from Rs. 129 per month and includes access to YouTube Music Premium. You can opt for a monthly family plan at Rs. 189 and add 5 more members to your account. There is also Rs. 1,290 annual subscription, plus a Rs. 79 monthly plan for students.

Also, it is not necessary that Google release this feature to the public. It can scrap it completely. Until now, YouTube offered the pinch in zoom feature to expand videos to fit the full width of tall smartphone displays. However, it cuts off portions of the video at the top and bottom to provide a full screen viewing experience.

Last month, YouTube rolled out picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for all YouTube subscribers on iPhone and iPad globally. This allowed them to watch a mini-player for YouTube videos in a floating window while using other apps on their devices.

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