October 2, 2022
Apple’s ‘hands-off’ approach with Roblox draws attention in US antitrust investigation: report

US prosecutors are looking into instances in which Apple is applying the rules disproportionately to app developers like gaming firm Roblox and a few others, it reported Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating key revelations from an antitrust trial between Apple and Epic Games in May, according to the reportIn which the Fortnite creator argued that Apple had given a free pass to Roblox, whose app lets people choose certain games to play.

Subsequently, Roblox removed the reference to the word “game” and changed it to “experience,” reported The Information.

The DOJ recently asked Roblox why it changed the language and also wants to know whether Apple’s 2019 launch of the arcade game App Store made it difficult for game developers to compete with the iPhone maker, reports According to.

Apple, the DOJ did not immediately respond to Reuters requests for comment. Epic Games declined to comment.

The Tech News website reported in late October that the DOJ had been intensifying its two-year-old antitrust investigation on Apple over the past several months, raising the prospect of a lawsuit.

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