August 12, 2022
Big Tech: New move by US Senate panel to curb power of advanced firms

The US Congress has taken a new step towards reining in the market dominance of Big Tech companies. The bipartisan law advanced by a Senate panel would prevent major online platforms from favoring their own goods and services over those of rivals. For example, it could prevent Amazon from turning consumers away from competitors’ products for its brand and on its massive e-commerce platform.

The bill could also bring restrictions for Google’s search engine, which accounts for about 90 percent of web searches worldwide and regularly puts its services at the top of search results.

The law won the US Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 16-6 on Thursday and was sent to the full Senate. The action marked a new twist in Congress’s effort to curb the dominance of tech giants and anti-competitive practices that critics say have hurt consumers, small businesses and innovation.

Lobbying by META (formerly Facebook), Google, Amazon, Apple and other tech giants was intense before the US Senate panel’s action.

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