August 10, 2022
Chromebook Shipments Declined Globally in Q4;  Acer beats HP, Lenovo to top players: IDC

According to a report, worldwide Chromebook shipments declined more than 60 percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2021, although shipments continued to grow throughout the year. All the top players in the global Chromebook market – from Acer and Dell to Lenovo and Samsung – posted negative year-on-year growth in the quarter, driven by a steady decline in demand for Chromebooks in primary markets including the US and Europe. Similar to Chromebooks, tablet shipments worldwide have declined for the second time since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

Market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) said in its statement: report good That said, worldwide Chromebook shipments declined 63.6 percent year-on-year to 4.8 million units in the fourth quarter — up from 13.1 million units shipped in the same quarter in 2020.

“The initial demand for Chromebooks in primary markets such as the US and Europe has been offset by the slowdown in overall shipments,” said Jitesh Ubrani, research manager for mobility and consumer device trackers at IDC. “Supply for Chromebooks has also been unusually tight as a lack of components has prompted vendors to prioritize Windows machines due to their higher price tags, further suppressing Chromebook shipments globally.”

In terms of market share, the IDC report shows that Acer surpassed HP, Lenovo and Dell to become the leading player in the fourth quarter. The company shipped 1.3 million units which helped it grab a 26.3 per cent stake.

According to the report, Acer’s year-over-year shipment growth declined 43.3 percent in the quarter compared to the same quarter last year.

Dell finished second with a flat growth in market share of 20.3 percent in the fourth quarter. IDC said the company shipped one million shipments in the quarter, resulting in a 63.6 percent drop in market share.

Lenovo dropped from second place to third in the quarter, with 0.8 million units shipped. The Chinese manufacturer grabbed a 16 per cent share and reported a 73.5 per cent decline in year-on-year shipment growth.

Samsung and HP were the other two vendors on the list of the top five Chromebook manufacturers. While Samsung saw a 22.4 percent drop in year-over-year growth in shipments in the fourth quarter, HP suffered its biggest drop of 31.8 percent.

IDC reported that HP jumped from its first position in the market in the same quarter in 2020 to fifth in the fourth quarter, due in part to shipping 0.5 million Chromebook units.

Top five Chromebook companies worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2021 according to IDC

companyQ4 2021 Shipments (in million)Q4 2021 Market ShareQ4 2020 Shipments (in million)Q4 2020 Market Shareyear-on-year growth
acer1.326.3 percent2.216.8 percent-43.3 percent
Ditch1.020.3 percent2.720.3 percent-63.6 percent
Lenovo0.816.1 percent2.922.1 percent-73.5 percent
samsung0.612.3 percent0.85.8 percent-22.4 percent
Himachal Pradesh0.59.9 percent3.526.9 percent-86.7 percent
other0.715.2 percent1.18.1 percent-31.8 percent
gross4.8100 percent13.1100 percent-63.6 percent

IDC said that for the full year 2021, worldwide Chromebook shipments increased to 37 million units from 32.6 million registered in 2020. The increase in shipments resulted in a 13.5 year-over-year increase.

HP continued to lead the market with a share of 27.7 percent in full year 2021. According to the report, the company shipped 10.2 million units in the year.

Lenovo retained its second position, with 8.3 million units shipped which helped it grab a 22.4 percent share.

Acer continues to be the third largest player in the Chromebook market, after HP and Lenovo. According to data shared by IDC, the company shipped 6.4 million units in 2021 and captured 22.4 per cent share.

Dell and Samsung followed Acer and came fourth and fifth respectively in the market. The report noted that Dell suffered a 5.2 percent drop in year-on-year growth in shipments, while Samsung posted a major 77.2 percent year-on-year increase in shipments.

Top five Chromebook companies worldwide for the full year 2021 according to IDC

company2021 shipments (in million)2021 market share2020 shipments (in million)2020 market shareyear-on-year growth
Himachal Pradesh10.227.7 percent9.428.8 percent9.3 percent
Lenovo8.322.4 percent6.720.7 percent23.4 percent
acer6.417.3 percent6.118.7 percent4.6 percent
Ditch5.414.6 percent5.717.5 percent-5.2 percent
samsung3.28.8 percent1.85.6%77.2 percent
other3.49.2 percent2.88.7 percent19.5 percent
gross37.0100 percent32.6100 percent13.5 percent

Like Chromebooks, worldwide tablet shipments declined 11.9 percent year-over-year to 46 million units in the fourth quarter of 2021 from 52.2 million units recorded in the same quarter of 2020.

Despite the decline, Apple retained its market leadership by shipping 17.5 million units in the quarter, resulting in a 38 percent share, IDC said. However, shipments of iPad units from the Cupertino giant declined 8.6 percent year-on-year growth.

Samsung came in second with 7.3 million tablets shipped in the quarter, which helped garner a 15.9 percent share. The report said that the company has seen a significant decline of 21.6 per cent in year-on-year growth in its shipments.

After Samsung, Lenovo continued its third position in the worldwide tablet market in the fourth quarter. However, the company saw its year-on-year growth decline by 25.4 percent, which was the biggest compared to the other top five players.

According to IDC, Lenovo shipped 4.6 million units in the quarter and up 10 percent year over year.

Amazon, which sells Kindle tablets in the market, finished fourth in the fourth quarter, shipping the same 3.6 million units. However, as per the latest report, Amazon’s market share increased from 6.8 percent to 7.9 percent.

Top five tablet companies worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2021 according to IDC

company2021 shipments (in million)2021 market share2020 shipments (in million)2020 market shareyear-on-year growth
Apple17.538.0 percent19.136.6 percent-8.6 percent
samsung7.315.9 percent9.317.8 percent-21.6 percent
Lenovo4.610.0 percent6.211.8 percent-25.4 percent
heroine3.67.9 percent3.66.8 percent1.3 percent
Huawei2.55.5 percent2.95.6%-13.9 percent
other10.522.8 percent11.121.3 percent-5.9 percent
gross46.0100 percent52.2100 percent-11.9 percent

IDC said in its report that in full year 2021, worldwide tablet shipments grew 3.2 percent year-on-year to 168.8 million units from 163.5 million registered in 2020.

Apple remained the first player in the market, shipping 57.8 million units in the year, which helped it capture a 34.2 percent share. The report said the company saw its year-on-year growth of 8.4 percent.

Samsung took its second spot by shipping 30.9 million units, resulting in an 18.3 percent share in the year. IDC said the South Korean giant saw year-over-year growth of 3.8 percent as a result of shipping its additional units.

After Samsung, Lenovo came third in the worldwide tablet market based on registered shipments in the year 2021. The report added that Lenovo shipped 17.7 million units, helping it capture a market share of 10.5 percent.

Amazon moved from fourth to third in the year, with 16.1 million units shipped resulting in a share of 9.5 percent. IDC said the company saw year-on-year growth of 15.1 percent.

However, Huawei suffered a 32.1 percent drop in its year-on-year growth in 2021. The company shipped 9.7 million units and held a 5.7 percent stake. Huawei’s shipments were compared to Q4 2020, where units shipped under the Honor brand were also included.

IDC. According to the top five tablet companies worldwide in the whole year 2021

company2021 shipments (in million)2021 market share2020 shipments (in million)2020 market shareyear-on-year growth
Apple57.834.2 percent53.332.6 percent8.4 percent
samsung30.918.3 percent29.718.2 percent3.8 percent
Lenovo17.710.5 percent14.89.1 percent19.2 percent
heroine16.19.5 percent14.08.6 percent15.1 percent
Huawei9.75.7 percent14.38.7 percent-32.1 percent
other36.721.7 percent37.422.8 percent-1.8 percent
gross168.8100 percent163.5100 percent3.2 percent

Anuga Nataraj, Senior Research Analyst, Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers, IDC, said, “Although 2021 was a good year for the tablet market, shipments have started to decline as the market surpasses peak demand across multiple geographies. “

Natraj believes that shipments will remain above pre-pandemic levels in the near future as virtual learning, remote work and media consumption are priorities for users.

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