August 8, 2022
Google Messages test saw iMessage responses;  Emoji translations seem to be inconsistent

Google is testing the iMessage reaction feature in the beta Messages app for Android. This feature is being developed to translate iMessage responses, officially known as Tapbacks, that are sent by iPhone users while replying to SMS or MMS. Prior to this update, Google Messages featured plain texts like ‘loved’ instead of an emoji response sent by an iPhone user. Now, the reaction emoji will appear in the bottom right corner of the text bubble, similar to the iMessage interface.

as reported by 9to5googleThe new iMessage response feature is currently available to a limited number of users who are testing the beta version of Google Messages. There are reportedly some discrepancies in the emoji translations. Google has decided to use face emoji for some symbols, which are believed to be sending a different meaning than the iPhone user intended. iMessage ‘heart’ translates to ‘smiling face with heart-eyes’ emoji, and the question mark changes to ‘thinking face’. These emoji transitions are believed to convey a more playful message, rather than a direct meaning of tapback.

Google Messages emoji conversion for iMessage responses is still active by default in the beta version. Users can choose to manually turn off ‘Show iPhone responses as emoji’ by going to the Advanced section of the Settings overflow menu of Google Messages. In addition, Android users can tap on a response to check if it was ‘Translated from iPhone’ with the sender’s name, which can be a useful feature for group chats.

In December, Telegram also announced the introduction of Emoji Reaction for Android and iOS. The feature has been rolled out as part of an update that brings support for in-app text translation and spoiler text formatting. Telegram users were also given the ability to create ‘themable’ QR codes for their groups, channels and even bots, which can be customized using a variety of colors.

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