October 3, 2022
iOS 16.1 beta 2 released: Dynamic battery percentage indicator, bug fixes, more

iOS 16.1 beta 2 is out now and it brings some changes along with some new features. Apple is expected to release the update in October, the month that is tipped to witness the release of iPadOS and macOS Ventura. Currently, it has been released to developers and one of the most talked about features of the update is the redesigned version of the battery indicator and its integration into the system. The beta update also fixes the clipboard paste permission bug.

9to5mac . but people got to know Information about what’s new with iOS 16.1 beta 2. One of the highlighting features brought by the latest beta is the redesigned battery indicator. It was (finally) added to all iPhone models in iOS 16.1 beta 1 such as the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. As per the report, the battery icon did not match the battery. Percent. The new indicator is said to be dynamic, which changes according to the battery level.

So, when you plug-in your iPhone to the charger, you will see an indicator (light indication) with the battery percentage. It should be noted that the percentage indicator was removed after the introduction of the notch in the iPhone X. Apart from this, the feature has also been integrated into the system. The battery charging indicator was also removed from the lock screen. The latest update brings it back.

The second most talked about feature is the introduction of a fix for a new feature that asks for permission to copy and paste between apps. The alleged bug constantly asked users for permission to paste something into the app, and upset most users. It was designed as a security feature to let the user know that the content they are trying to paste may store sensitive information. However, the permission pops up every time they try to paste text from another app. Apple acknowledged this and with iOS 16 beta 2, the company has reportedly fixed the issue.

Third, the 9to5mac report also states that a bug in the three-finger gesture feature, which makes the copy and paste menu appear and prevent it from being recognized properly, has also been fixed in the latest beta. The next interaction in iOS 16 will get other features like clean energy charging, wallet app that can be deleted, and Live Activity API.

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