December 10, 2022
iPadOS 16 unveiled at WWDC 2022 with improved multitasking experience

Apple introduced iPadOS 16 as its new software release for iPad at the WWDC 2022 keynote on Monday. The new iPadOS release comes with a redesigned multitasking interface that aims to help increase productivity. This app brings the ability to overlay windows just like how you can do on a Mac or Windows machine. Similar to iOS 16, iPadOS 16 includes updates including Live Text and updated Messages for iPad users. The new release also includes support for games developed using the Metal 3 engine.

iPadOS 16 Availability

Apple has initially released iPadOS 16 to developers who are part of the Apple Developer Program. The new iPadOS release will also be available to users through a public beta next month. Also, iPadOS 16 as a free software update for iPad (5th generation and later), iPad mini (5th generation and later), iPad Air (3rd generation and later), and all iPad Pro models this fall will be available.

iPadOS 16 Features

To quietly bridge the gap between MacBooks and iPads, Apple has introduced its new multitasking interface on iPadOS 16 called Stage Manager, which is also available for Mac machines via macOS 13 Ventura. This allows users to access multiple apps simultaneously on the iPad by overlaying them on each other. The experience is enhanced when you connect your iPad to an external display. This is an upgrade over the existing interface where users are allowed to access apps in a full-screen view like on an iPhone or to access two apps side-by-side in what Apple calls Split View. In addition, there is an option to slide an app from side to side, called Slide Over.

The iPadOS 16 update will also enable users to resize app windows, just like on a Mac or Windows laptop. However, this feature is exclusive to those iPad models that are powered by the M1 chip. This means that if you don’t have the latest iPad Air or iPad Pro, you won’t get the new experience.

ipados 16 features image of apple iPadOS 16

iPadOS 16 Features at a Glance
Photo Credit: Apple

iPad users with the M1 chip also get support so users can collaborate on a variety of tasks. Users can access the feature through Notes, Safari, Keynote, and other preloaded apps on the iPad. Apple said the collaboration feature is also coming to iOS and macOS later this year.

Apple has also brought an app called FreeForm to enhance the collaboration experience. It lets users share files, write notes or draw diagrams with others. Developers will also get a new API to integrate collaboration into their apps.

Similar to iOS 16, iPadOS 16 comes with Live Text and Visual Look Up. The new release also includes the Home app with a completely new design and support for Matter. Furthermore, the iPadOS update brings the new Messages app that is available through the new iOS release for users to edit or recall text messages.

For gamers, iPadOS 16 brings an enhanced gaming experience that supports Metal 3. The company has also brought a background download API that allows users to multitask while game downloads are complete. Gamer Center has also gained activity on the dashboard so users can see their friends’ performance. Users’ activity will also be visible on the users’ Game Center profile. In addition, multiplayer games played through Game Center can access SharePlay to start sessions with your friends.

Apple said that all Game Center updates will be available to users as an update to iPadOS 16 later this year. These features will also be available for iOS and macOS users in the future.

The iPadOS 16 update also features live text updates coming to the iPhone via iOS 16. Similarly, there is also an updated Family Sharing feature to help users add new age-restricted features. The new iPadOS release also includes an updated Home app with an improved interface and lock screen widgets.

Apple introduced Quick Note, previously available for Mac, so you can quickly write notes. The new iPadOS release also comes with the new Safari browser which is also available on macOS Ventura and brings features like shared tab groups and passkeys. Additionally, Apple has brought the Weather app to the iPad through iPadOS 16. It brings up tappable modules with full-screen animations as well as access to detailed information. Developers are also getting WeatherKit so they can integrate weather updates into their apps.

Additionally, Apple announced ‘desktop-level’ apps coming to the iPad via iPadOS 16. These would enable system elements such as system-wide undo/redo, availability view in Calendar, and find and merge cards in Contacts. The company has updated the Files app on the new iPadOS release with the ability to change file extensions, view folder sizes, and expand folders in list view. There are also system-wide features aimed at improving the app, including a redesigned find-and-replace experience, Files, Pages, and Documents menus in Keynote, and customizable toolbars to let users add tools of their choice. Are included. Apple has also added a feature called Reference Mode to enhance color viewing on the Retina XDR display that features the iPad Pro.

For Pro users on iPad with the M1 chip, iPadOS 16 brings users the ability to increase the pixel density of the display and see more of their apps. This is especially useful when running two apps in Split View. Apple has also brought Virtual Memory Swap so users can use the onboard storage on their iPad to increase the available memory for their apps by up to 16GB.

The list of new features coming via iPadOS 16, as well as the expansion of Apple’s Pro apps for iPad, are likely to help the company grow its revenue coming from the tablet over time. The updates also make the iPad a better choice for professionals over Android tablets.

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