October 4, 2022
iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On Display Works With Multiple Native Apple Apps: Report

According to one reviewer, the iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On Display (AoD) works with multiple applications. AOD on the iPhone 14 Pro model shows just a dimly lit lock screen instead of showing a black background like on Android smartphones. According to the reviewer, the AoD of the iPhone 14 Pro works with the Maps application and the Voice Memos application. It is also said to work with the Apple TV Remote feature in Control Center. The phone is expected to offer better functionality even when it is locked.

Reviewer Bren Tong has shared his review of the iPhone 14 Pro via YouTube. In the video, Tong highlights some of the native Apple applications that work with the new AOD on the iPhone 14 Pro model. The video reveals that AOD on the newly launched smartphone from the Cupertino tech giant will allow users to directly access several applications, including Maps and Voice Memos. It is said to work during calls as well.

When using the Maps application, if a user decides to lock their iPhone 14 Pro, some parts of the AoD will continue to show a dimmed version of the navigation. The top of the screen will show the distance to the left for the next turn, and the estimated arrival time can be seen as per the video below. The Voice Memos app will continue to show the duration of the recording as well as some other information on AOD. It will also allow users to record, pause or record voice memos. During a call, the top of AoD will show users the caller ID of the person they are talking to.

CNBC critic Sophia Pitt also share Some information about the AoD feature on the iPhone 14 Pro model. Pitt said the Apple TV remote allowed him to play and pause the content he was watching directly from the AOD screen. The dimly lit screen displays only the Apple TV remote control when the phone is locked.

To recall, Apple launched the iPhone 14 Pro models on 7 September during its ‘Far Out’ event. The iPhone 14 Pro sports a 6.06-inch Super Retina XDR Always-On OLED display with ProMotion refresh rate support. The iPhone 14 Pro Max, on the other hand, sports a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display with the same ProMotion refresh rate feature. Both the handsets are powered by the latest Apple A16 Bionic SoC.

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