August 18, 2022
Mozilla Firefox 96 update brings call, history highlights, noise cancellation on Android and desktop

Mozilla has released Firefox 96, the latest version of its web browser, with many new features and improvements. Firefox 96 version is now available for desktop and Android. To upgrade audio and video calls, Mozilla has worked on noise suppression and auto-gain-control in the latest update. The company has also added improvements in eco-cancellation. On Android, users will get a new history highlight feature with Firefox 96. It will show recently visited websites. Separately, Firefox users on Mac and Windows are complaining that they are facing problems while loading any website. According to user reports on Twitter and Reddit, an increasing number of Firefox users are seeing issues with sites not loading and no status information is provided to users.

Mozilla’s First Firefox Update The year of the year for the desktop comes with notable improvements in noise-suppression, auto-gain-control, and echo-cancellation. Firefox version 96 for desktop also focuses on reducing the workload on the main thread. This is likely to help the browser work faster on older and slower systems. Also, with the new update, Firefox will default all cookies to have a SameSite=lax attribute. Mozilla says this will help protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.

The update contains fixes for security vulnerabilities in earlier versions of Firefox. With the latest update, on macOS, command-click links in Gmail will open in a new tab. It has fixed many video playback and video quality degradation issues on some sites. It also fixes an issue where WebRTC screen sharing downgrades the resolution. To avoid the problem of brightness changes, missing subtitles and more Mozilla has temporarily disabled detached video in fullscreen on macOS.

For Android, the new Firefox 96 release History highlights that show recently visited websites. Plus, it improves the displayed images for the recent bookmarks on the home page. The update brings improvements to “Fill links to clipboard” and fixes interface issues with private tabs.

With the latest update, Mozilla says selecting ‘Search Group’ in ‘Jump Back In’ switches to an active tab. Duplicate history items are now merged and the delete history button is labeled for screen readers. The update fixes crashes when browsing bookmarks. Also, users can dismiss the keyboard while scrolling home behind the search dialog.

Separately, some Mozilla Firefox users are Reporting An issue on the company’s support forums, Twitter as well as Reddit that prevented websites from loading at the moment. Firefox’s HTTP3 implementation has an infinite loop bug Allegedly causing issue. While there is no permanent fix for the bug from Mozilla right now, there is a temporary fix to completely disable HTTP3 loading in Firefox. As detailed by 9to5Mac, this can be done by following these steps:

  1. open firefox
  2. Enter about:config in the URL bar to open the Settings screen
  3. Find the setting ‘network.http.http3.enabled’
  4. To disable HTTP3 set this setting to ‘false’
  5. close and restart firefox

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