August 15, 2022
Twitter Spaces now lets all users record a session, will be available for public playback

Twitter Spaces, a feature that allows users to host or participate in live audio conversations on the platform, will now let all of its hosts on Android and iOS record a session, which will be available for public playback for a limited time. Will be done This is the second major update in this regard since the recording feature was introduced on October 28. Last month, Twitter Spaces got a podcast-like feature that allows all users on Android, iOS and the web to listen to recordings of discussions. Platform.

According to the company’s latest Update Regarding the Twitter space, the option to record for a host is now available to all users on Android and iOS. it was before available For a limited number of people on iOS. In addition, hosts on Android and iOS can tap the “record space” switch when starting a space to make it “available for public playback for 30 days after the space expires.” First, it’s only . was available for iOS users, and the feature was later extended to Android and the web.

Recently, Twitter said that it is testing a TikTok feature called ‘Quote Tweet with Reaction’, which will let users react to tweets with photos and videos by tapping on the icon from the Retweet menu. Twitter takes these response videos or tweets to photos, and is similar to TikTok’s video replies. Currently, this feature is being tested on iOS.

Twitter also announced various initiatives to provide correct knowledge before casting votes in the upcoming assembly elections in five states of India. “Elections are when people turn to Twitter to find credible information about voting, learn about candidates and their manifestos, and engage in healthy civic debate and conversation. As a service for public conversation, Twitter Committed to enabling people to make informed decisions when exercising their civil rights,” Twitter said in a statement.

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