August 13, 2022
WhatsApp begins rolling out global voice message player to beta testers on iOS

WhatsApp has started beta testing the anticipated global voice message player on iOS so that some iPhone users can continue to listen to their voice messages even when they switch from one chat to another. This feature allows voice messages to play in the background so that users can listen to them directly from the chat screen of the app. In addition to WhatsApp for iOS, WhatsApp Business for iOS has been spotted with some beta testers testing the new voice message feature.

according to a report good WhatsApp Beta Tracker by WABetaInfo WhatsApp for iOS beta version 22.1.72 has introduced the global voice messaging player for some users. Some beta testers have informed of Its presence on Twitter. It is said that this feature is also being rolled out to some beta testers for the iOS version 22.1.72 of WhatsApp Business.

WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot to give us some details about the global voice message player. It shows that the voice message player appears at the top of the screen so that users can continue listening to their voice messages while switching from one chat to another.

whatsapp ios global voice message player image wbetainfo whatsapp

WhatsApp starts letting some users listen to their voice messages while switching between chats
photo credit: WABetaInfo

Normally, when a user exits the chat in which he/she has received the particular message, WhatsApp stops the voice message playback.

WABetaInfo notes that despite being on the latest beta version, chances are you might not be able to hear your voice messages when you switch to a different chat. This may be due to the fact that the feature has been rolled out for some beta testers only at the present stage.

WhatsApp was initially seen working on a global voice message player on iOS in October last year. The feature also reportedly appeared in testing for Android users earlier this week.

Exact details on when the global voice message player will be available for the public release of WhatsApp for iOS are yet to be revealed. WhatsApp may also bring some changes in it when the feature comes to common users.

WhatsApp has been improving the voice message experience on its app for the past few months. The Meta-owned company last month brought a voice message preview feature for users to review audio recordings before sending them to their contacts. It recently began testing Waves for voice messages and added the ability to change the playback speed of audio messages on the platform.

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