September 30, 2022
FIFA 23: Ted Lasso to be part of EA’s new football game with fictional club AFC Richmond

Ted Lasso could head FIFA 23. In a tweet from the Apple TV+ show’s official account, the football coach, played by Emmy-winning actor Jason Sudeikis, is getting digitally scanned, hinting that it is for an upcoming game. EA Sports FIFA then responded to the tweet with a side-eye emoji, perhaps sealing the deal thanks to the imaginary coach’s appearance in the latest football simulation game. In addition, a listing for their club AFC Richmond briefly appeared on EA’s FIFA ratings database, before being removed last week.

“Look, Mario! You are not the only pixelated man with a mustache who never knows where the tube is taking him…,” the tweet read, pokes fun at Lasso’s uncertain and random career path. For the uneducated, ted lasso is a sports comedy series that follows an American football college coach who is hired to coach the second-tier English football team, AFC Richmond. Those are two different games. As you’d expect, his arrival is met with skepticism, as he struggles to learn the sport and the culture that surrounds it. The show garnered four Emmy Awards this year, including a second straight Outstanding Comedy Series.

Last week, leak surfaced It signified that the fictional club AFC Richmond would make it to FIFA 23. and there was no team logo at the time, a new screenshot Confirms the club’s inclusion on Reddit, and it may be available as a playable team. does that mean the remainder ted lasso Is the cast of players also being scanned? That said, it appears as if AFC Richmond players can also be transferred to your Ultimate Team or Career mode.

Last month, EA Sports revealed that FIFA 23 will allow players to step into the shoes of world-renowned managers, as players choose from a template created with their likenesses in mind. Managers can be put in control of their main clubs, transfer to a different club, or you can accept contracts for new opportunities. with the above ted lasso Coming to the crossover, we can see him stealing the limelight, as the players use his model as the club manager.

AFC Richmond screenshots weren’t the only thing leaked, as last month EA Sports accidentally made FIFA 23 briefly playable on Xbox consoles. Those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition were able to enter the game, take quick screenshots, and post them online. Access was soon disabled, but the damage was already done. Apart from player ratings, the leak also revealed third kits for Liverpool FC and Atletico Madrid.

FIFA 23 is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X on 30 September. Buying the Ultimate Edition or subscribing to EA Play Pro gives you three days of early access starting September 27th. EA Play gives you limited access starting September 27th. FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will be available on Nintendo Switch.

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