October 4, 2022
Hello lead Bonnie Ross steps down from 343 Industries, serving 15 years with the franchise

Bonnie Ross, founder and head of Halo developer 343 Industries, is resigning. Ross, who worked with the Halo franchise for 15 years, cited a family medical problem as the reason for her departure. In a statement to Windows Central, publisher Microsoft said that the vacant position will be effectively taken over by Pierre Hintz, the current head of production at 343 Industries. The development comes in the wake of Halo Infinity delaying all of its upcoming content, including the long-requested co-op mode, until November.

“I am incredibly proud of the work I have done at 343 Industries with Halo Infinity, The Master Chief Collection, the Halo Television Series and more. Serving with the team for the past 15 years and being part of a universe that I love It is an honor,” Ross said on Twitter. With this announcement, 343 Industries’ leadership team will face a massive restructuring, beginning with the aforementioned Hintz, who will take on the role of studio head. He will lead the ongoing development of Halo Infinity and The Master Chief Collection, among other future projects.

Microsoft also told Windows Central The studio’s senior leadership team will be expanded into new roles. Brian Kosky, who previously handled marketing for Halo, will become the franchise’s GM, while Elizabeth van Wyk will head business and operations. Earlier this month, 343 Industries unveiled a new roadmap for Halo Infinity, listing a new round of delays for new content. As for whether this studio shake-up will lead to even more changes in launch dates, it remains to be seen.

Much to fans’ dismay, 343 Industries first revealed that the much-anticipated co-op mode had been pushed to a November 8 release date. The Game Mode was originally targeting an August launch, and even had a beta testing event in July. The studio also delayed Halo Infinity’s Forge Mode — a map editing and creation tool — until a November date, just in time for the massive winter update, which adds a free battle pass to the mix.

As part of the Halo Infinity roadmap, 343 Industries completely scrapped the promised split-screen mode — a key feature in classic Halo games. Season 3 multiplayer has also been postponed until March 7, 2023, bringing new maps, weapons, and the Shroud Screen, the device that employs an opaque dome-shaped shield to protect your squad.

Halo Infinity is now available on Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam and PC Game Pass.

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