October 4, 2022
PS5 Revised: Sony quietly updates PlayStation 5 inside out, teardown reveals

Sony has quietly and completely revamped the interiors of its newly revamped PS5. The latest model made the rounds in Australia last week, sporting a CFI-1200 number and claimed to be 200 grams lighter than the original CFI-1100 version. Tech YouTuber Austin Evans took on the challenge of tearing down the modified PS5 console and revealing its interiors, to find out what changed. Key highlights include changes to the heatsink and an updated motherboard, while the outer plastic shroud remains intact.

Last year, Evans tore up the CFI-1100 model PS5, sparking controversy after claiming that That small heatsink can cause terrible thermal throttling issues. theory was rejected by digital foundry, stating that the temperature flux was similar to that of the launch model, CF-1000. Interestingly, these new, lighter PS5 models started showing up in Australian stores shortly after Sony raised prices in select markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. PS5 prices in India and the US remain unchanged.

The new PS5 1200 model, according to Evans’ teardown and testing draw 20-30W less power, while providing “roughly” the same noise and heat output. The updated motherboard has shrunk by two inches, while the cooling system gets an additional heat pipe to compensate for the smaller heatsink. As a result of these changes the PS5 weighs 3.3kgs, about 200gm lighter than the launch model i.e. the CFI-1000. Keep in mind, that the values ​​are for the digital, disc-less version of the gaming console.

The SSD enclosure has also changed, with Sony cutting out the PCB (printed circuit board), exposing the housing to improve heat dissipation. Coming back to the motherboard, Sony has now placed the CMOS battery under the heatsink – it was exposed before. Meaning, that any time the PlayStation 5 (causing a crash) needs to be reset/restarted or just diagnose it, you’ll have to disassemble the entire console to access it. Evans also noted that Sony has cut internal packaging costs, making it lighter and cheaper to produce.

On Wednesday, Sony unveiled a new PS5 . also issued software update That includes support for 1440p resolution, a new Gamelist feature, and UI improvements. The company began testing the features in July, with players running the beta software getting access. The update lets PS5 owners choose a 1440p output resolution on compatible displays, allowing supported games to play in said native resolution.

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