August 10, 2022
PUBG: 10 million downloads on Google Play Store in less than a week since launch

New State, publisher of popular battle royale games including PUBG: Battlegrounds Mobile India, has crossed the 10 million downloads mark on Google Play Store in less than a week of its launch. The free-to-play battle royale game, which launched for Android and iOS phones on November 11, includes updated graphics, a new Troi map, as well as new vehicles. It is also set in the future, unlike the original PUBG game.

We previously reported that PUBG: New State, which was launched last Thursday, faced technical issues right after its launch, preventing players from joining the game for a few hours. However, that hasn’t deterred gamers from downloading the game, which has now crossed the 10 million (one crore) download mark on the Google Play store. Its publisher, Crafton, has yet to announce how many downloads the game has achieved on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. The game is currently allowing users to log in and receive rewards from cosplay band Crate as part of a pre-season login event between November 11 and December 1.

The new battle royale title experienced some series issues after it was launched globally in 200 countries, including India. Users reported that their devices were turned off after downloading the game. Tipster Mukul Sharma had said that his device running Android 12 will not boot after installing PUBG: New State. Crafton responded in a statement to Gadgets 360 by saying that it had done enough testing for devices with similar specifications to the Samsung Galaxy S7 (or devices with 2GB of RAM) and confirmed the game’s smooth functionality.

Over the weekend, even Craften announced An optional update for gamers on Android devices looking for bug fixes for PUBG: New Kingdom. These include disabling the Vulkan graphics API for the Poco series of devices, which caused the game to crash and freeze while playing on some phones. According to the company, the search function of the Invite to Team section has also been disabled for the time being. Crafton has resolved a bug that prevented the game from showing servers when selecting the nearest server function on Android phones, along with another Zoom bug in Spectate Mode. According to the publisher, users who have experienced general crashes or bugs on Realme devices should also update their games through the Google Play Store.

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